Ewros team is built of ambitious and committed specialists that share passion to create and product systems of visual communication, elements of landscape architecture, from simple to very complex forms. Experience in this field since 1995, going beyond schemes, continuous growth and development of technological process helped Ewros to establish its position in the commercial/service sector not only in Poland, but also abroad.

We earned trust from numerous companies as we are constantly helping their brand to be widely recognized. Our top projects and products are BTL advertisement, furniture and exterior architectural design.

What sets us apart:

– understanding our business partners,
– innovative characters of our projects,
– high quality production – specially adapted assembly hall,
– twenty-first century machinery park,
– expanded car fleet.

We have all the necessary qualifications to effectively prepare advertising products. Well-organized departments of: customer service, design, planning, production, assembly and logistics – constitute a perfect symbiosis of creativity and high quality and that stands for top standard of our orders. Our offer ranges from marking large surfaces (plates, display units, print-outs, etc.) to individualized production which constrains us to undertake an eclectic approach and use first-class quality materials (multi-media stands, illuminations, etc.).

Out of respect to our Customers, we minimize the time needed for realization of a service, always putting Client’s expectations in the first place. We offer you a ready-made projects and solutions which reflect modern technological thinking.

We have our own assembly hall of 1800 m2, well-equipped machinery park, expanded car fleet – all of which let our specialists work on prototypes and serial production, always compliant with European standards.