Our highly developed machinery park allows us to produce complex, 3D advertisement products as well as to provide services such as preparing its components.

  • Milling: milling ploter with working surface 300×200 cm. Possibility of cutting any shape in any materials: PCV, MDF, dipond, plexa, aluminium, chipboard, plywood, styrodur and other rigid plastics. 2D and 3D engraving is available.
  • Laser cutting: laser ploters with high precision for the tiniest details. Production at the preparation stage and later subject to heat treatment of acrylic, paper, felt, engraving laminate.


UV digital printing: can be done on almost every hard surface (PCV, PLEXI, METAL, GLASS, FURNITURE BOARDS, etc. ) and soft surface (foil, paper, banner, canvas, etc. ) with the option of roll-to-roll printing. Printing can be done in white (zinc oxide). Also option of 3-layer-printing is available. Maximum printing surface is 250X305 cm. Digital solvent printing – with mild and hard solvent machines up to 5 m length on banners, nets, foils and other soft materials. Screen printing – screen printing line with maximum working surface BO – 100×140 cm. Print-outs are quickly strengthen in UV tunnel, which speeds up the production and increase graphic durability.

Production lines:

  • Moulding and treatment lines for metal elements (aluminium, dipond, sheet metal) – cutting, bending, crimping, etc. –thermoforming lines for plexi, PCV, HIPS.
  • Multi-station welding line, including argon line used for aluminium.
  • Complex varnishing line – dry/wet spray varnishing.