We can create both the simplest and the most distinctive forms of visual communication. We can offer you visualizations, 3D projects, technical drawings, trade stands, displays, pylons, display units, brochures, posters, display design, etc.


Thanks to the experience and comprehensive knowledge of persuasion and communication methods, we are able to design brand books and prepare multi-level communication tools. Our graphic designers are creative technicians, DTP are available at your request at any time.


We offer different kinds of printing: UV, solvent, screen printing for standard and non-standard products. UV technology can be used in most cases, including use of white colour or 3 to 1 systems. 3 to 1 system allows single-sided and triple printing of transparent or translucent materials which results in double-sided graphic within the same sphere.


We pay particular attention to the colour and low failure rate of the machines, which can guarantee meeting all the deadlines. For that purpose we use only recommended by machine manufacturers’ inks which preserve colour intensity. Our high demand for standards was appreciated by many respectful clients, owners of the premium brands, perfumeries, clothing chains.


Thanks to the car fleet consisting of several cars, that can cope with transport of most of products, we can quickly realize your orders both within Poland and abroad. If needed we can assist you with off-loading and installation. We cooperate with courier companies, such as DHL/ UPS etc, which offer land, air and sea transport at good price.


We have excellent assembly teams ready to help you with the application of foil, paper, display arrangement and other installations of: advertising panels, spatial letters, pylons, fascia signs, billboards. All of our employees have the necessary permits allowing them to work at heights, do electrical work and operate special installation vehicles.


We received and realized many orders from Shopping Centres, large-format companies, clothing and cosmetic chains including those selling premium products. With the broad experience and knowledge we are able to promptly assess technical possibility of installation, adapting the concept to the existing conditions.


Bearing in mind how important our work can be for customers image and reputation, we offer warranty and post-warranty and retrofit packages covered by the short and long term agreements, providing continuous maintenance, repair and allowing our customers maintenance cost optimization.


  • Packages are dedicated to the managers of large retail spaces, network customers, as well as demanding individual clients for whom it is important to maintain the elements of visual identification in very good condition.
  • Warranty service provides quick response to failure reporting, maintenance and regular reviews at time slots convenient for both parties.
  • Post-warranty service guarantees systematic reviews including needed repairs, cleaning and maintenance. The modernization service allows you to optimize operating costs. The terms and conditions of the contract and respective fees are always agreed individually to the needs and expectations of the Client.


We plan, prepare and coordinate integrated BTL advertising campaigns. Our strength are creativity and bright ideas that help create interesting, customised layouts and product exposures. The experience in servicing network clients in categories like: clothing, electronics, household appliances and FMCG sectors allows us to efficiently execute outstanding designs. Each production and logistic activity is tailored for the purposes of the campaign, the target group and the customer needs.
The creative design and advertising materials we have made for the campaign make it possible for the project to really stand out. We operate both nationally and internationally. As part of the designated projects, we deliver and install individual orders, as well as complete multi-site campaigns – all in accordance with pre-determined deadlines.